About The Trust

Creation of The Maharajah’s Well Trust:

The Maharajah’s Well Charity was founded in the 1860s as a public utility, run by sole Trustee Edward Anderton Reade, on behalf of the Maharajah of Benares. Income to support the Well came from the sale of cherries grown in the adjoining Ishree Bagh Cherry Orchard.

The Charity was originally created to provide water for the parish however the Well has not been used as a source of water or reserve since the end of World War II. It is now preserved as an important example of historical Anglo-Indian architecture and as a place of recreation and wildlife management.

In 1983 The Reade Family passed the responsibilities of the Trust onto Stoke Row Parish Council and in 1996 Standing Orders were set up for an independent sub-committee to carry out the management of the Well, Well cottage (formerly the warden’s cottage) and the adjacent Cherry Orchard (Ishree Bagh). Today the Maharajah’s Well Trust is the holding Trust for the Well and a registered charity (Charity Number 211310)

The Trust Today

Today the Well Trust is comprised of members of Stoke Row Parish Council and lay members from the local community who have a specific interest in the Well. The Trustees are responsible for the general management of the Trust which includes maintaining the Well structure and grounds including Ishree Bagh and the upkeep of Well Cottage. Funding for the Trust comes from the private rental of Well Cottage through an agent and the sale of booklets in the Well precinct. Public donations and grants also contribute to income which is utilised for maintenance and projects in line with our mission statement.

Our Mission Statement

To conserve, maintain and restore the structures, documents and land pertaining to the Well, whilst keeping them accessible to the public as a community asset to be enjoyed by all.